Take the guesswork out of the equation and let MM ESQ. LAW help you select the business entity that is best for you. You tell us what your needs are and how you’d like to set your business up – we’ll counsel you on the different types of business entities suited for your needs, draft the bylaws, operating agreements, partner agreements, and articles of incorporation, and file your application with the appropriate state agency (or federal agency, if applicable).


MM ESQ. LAW provides comprehensive contract drafting and revision services. Whether you need contracts that lay out the agreements between you and your business partners, investors, employees, independent contractors, clients/customers, or vendors, we’ll make sure that you’re protected and let you know when contracts you’ve received leave your business vulnerable or are not aligned with your best interests.


MM ESQ. LAW provides general counsel services tailored to your company’s needs. We collaborate with each client, obtain an in-depth understanding of its business and brand, and provide the client with the best and most cost-effective solutions. We act proactively to mitigate our client’s risks and eliminate issues that could lead to unnecessary problems or lawsuits.

As General Counsel, we will coordinate and oversee the legal aspects of your business, including:

  • General Business Issues
  • Legal Project Management
  • Contract Drafting, Negotiation, and Review
  • Intellectual Property Strategy and Portfolio Management
  • Special Projects

MM ESQ. LAW provides a wide range of legal services relating to the acquisition, prosecution, enforcement, maintenance, and management of trademarks.  We counsel clients as to the availability of trademarks through clearance searches of the federal and state trademark databases, and assist in the filing and prosecution of federal and state trademark applications. We also manage national and international trademark registration portfolios of all sizes.


Copyrights protect your content – whether that’s your photographs, visual art, music, books, or video. When retained for copyright registration, MM ESQ. LAW will advise you of the proper classification for your application and prepare all forms for submission.

If someone would like to use your copyrighted material with your permission, we will draft licensing agreements and make sure you are compensated. If someone uses your copyrighted material without your permission, we will enforce the protections provided under copyright law. 


Trade secrets provide a cost efficient way to legally protect both technical and non-technical proprietary business information. In a digital landscape where our information is more mobile than ever, robust trade secret protection may be the best way to secure some of the information that gives you your competitive advantage. At MM ESQ. LAW, we will help you identify your trade secrets and effective ways to protect them – whether through non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, or confidentiality agreements.

MM ESQ. LAW also offers trade secret audits. We will review your information retention policy and employee manual to identify any vulnerabilities in your police and provide recommendations for implementing best practices in protection of trade secrets. We also work closely with IT professionals to conduct data security and privacy audits, and work closely with them to make additional technology recommendations, if necessary.