to the goalpost

In response to persistent requests from startup founders looking for more accessible ways around prohibitively expensive hourly rates often required at large corporate law offices, MM ESQ. LAW is excited to offer To The Goalpost: a specialized service specifically designed and price for small business owners. A goalpost is a one of usually two vertical posts that constitute the goal in various sports. Our mission is to get you to the goalpost – whether that is the launch of a brand new business, or the launch of a new service or product offering – confidently and effortlessly.

We will help you form your business, get your contracts in order, prepare to raise money, and identify your intellectual property, all while formulating growth and protection strategies and collaborating with you to make your idea a reality. 

This service includes:

  • Two 30-minute check-in calls each month
  • Unlimited email communication
  • Unlimited review of contracts 5 pages or less
  • Access to a customized project management board
  • Discounted hourly and flat fee rates on any additional service

The ideal candidate for this program will be primed to launch their business, product, or service within three months to a year. Once you’re launched, we will work with you to transition to our General Counsel Services.


$ 120
  • Comprehensive guidance for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.


$ 135
  • For entrepreneurs who are stuck and need an extra push.


$ 150
  • For entrepreneurs who need assistance launching a new service or product.